Hey there! Back on blogging again and it’s the end of the year. Yeah, this is one of my best years. I accomplished a lot this year; getting closer to my dream. Hope you guys had the same and this post is all about my life through this year. Before start the year 2013 in review, just want to tell you that most of the things go back to 2012. In August last year I did my RHCE exam and that time I was the youngest Red Hat Certified Engineer in Sri Lanka and September 24th I joined E-W Information Systems Ltd. My first project was Ceylon Electricity Board Disaster Recovery Site Project and year 2013 for me started with that. In March we finished the project and afterwards I was a core member in most of the enterprise level projects and it was a good exposure for me to become an Infrastructure Implementation team head for CHOGM 2013 Event Management System Project and Airport and Aviation Sri Lanka ERP Project.

In September 30th I went to Malaysia for “Dell Blade Master Technical Training” and it is my very first overseas training session and it was awesome. We saw Dell’s massive Data Centers and learn all about Dell Blade Servers and it was a 2 day session and we were back in Sri Lanka on the morning of October 3rd and from 4th and onward CHOGM EMS implementation started and this time period was my hardest time for the whole year. Anyway I met new friends and worked with them on the project and learned many new things. Yeah it was kind of fun and finally we did the RFID gaits UP before the CHOGM Opening Ceremony started.

I was busy with my work and I missed so many FOSS community events throughout the whole year. By the way my only event contribution was Fedora 18 Technical Seminar held at University of Rajarata and I did two presentations about Fedora 18 features and about Virtualization. You can find the Digit Magazine article about it from here. in 2014 I surely wanna contribute more to the FOSS community.

In other news I bought Nikon D7000 with two 18-55mm and 55-200mm lenses and also I sold my old Galaxy Ace and bought all new Galaxy S Duos, but this is too damn slow 🙁 also I got a feeling about the new iPhone because of its sexy iOS 7 update but as you know I’m an android guy always! 😛 also I have a love for Google Nexus series though it is a dream as of yet; maybe in next year I’d be able to make that dream come true and buy a Nexus 5

Also the movie “Butterfly Symphony” really struck me. It is the most heart touching movie I’ve watched this year and I have a lots of new music tracks and I love most of them so I don’t know what is my favorite this year. Anyhow this is a bit about how the year 2013 affected me. Although I don’t remember everything that went down this year; but I accomplished a lot. So this would be the end of this post my friends and I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Until I meet you guys again, Good Bye!